Empower Your Financial Services Leadership with Leading Relationships.

Calling All Financial Services Senior Leaders . . .

Are you ready to elevate your influence, master the art of relationship building, and become a beacon of leadership within your organisation? Leading Relationships is your gateway to becoming an exceptional leader who inspires, connects, and leads with confidence. Over 12 transformative weeks, starting in September 2024, we invite you to join an elite cohort of like-minded senior leaders in central London for an unparalleled journey of growth and discovery.

Picture yourself walking into a room where your peers are not just colleagues but allies, where your leadership commands respect and fosters deep, meaningful connections. That’s what Leading Relationships offers.

This exclusive program is designed specifically for senior leaders in the financial services sector, focusing on the pivotal role relationships play in effective leadership. With a curated blend of in-person kick-off sessions, intensive virtual coaching, and a wealth of resources, we guide you through mastering the art of influence and relationship-building.

  • Immersive Launch Event: Kick-start your journey with a transformative in-person experience in the heart of London, setting the stage for your growth.
  • Exclusive Peer Cohort: Group limited to 15 participants, ensuring personalised attention and a tailored experience and peer connections that will last a lifetime.
  • Comprehensive 12-Week Virtual Coaching: Delivered via MS Teams, featuring focused, 60-minute sessions designed for maximum impact with minimal time commitment.
  • Invaluable Resources & Tools: From session slides to a private online journal and a curated reading list, everything you need at your fingertips.
  • Proven Leadership Frameworks & Skills Development: Embrace leadership models backed by decades of research, enhance your emotional intelligence, and develop effective communication and coaching skills.

Take advantage of this opportunity to transform your leadership and forge lasting relationships that will propel your career to new heights. Early birds registering before 31st July 2024 enjoy additional benefits, including two post-program 1:1 coaching sessions.

Ready to embark on your journey to leadership excellence? Click here to see all the details and complete the short application process to secure your spot in the Leading Relationships program.

Why Leading Figures?

Choose us for our deep experience with senior leaders like you, our unique focus on relationship building as the cornerstone of effective leadership, and the opportunity to connect with a global network of executives. With Leading Figures, you’re not just joining a program; you’re investing in a future where you lead with confidence, influence, and a profound ability to connect.

Your leadership transformation begins in September 2024. Are you ready to become the leader you’ve always aspired to be? Click here to view more details and start your application now, or email us at info@leadingfigures.com for more information.

Embark on this exclusive journey with us on the Leading Relationships Program and redefine what it means to be a leader in the financial services industry.

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