Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is for those in senior executive roles and may include leadership coaching.

Executive coaching can help clients with various goals including:

• Growing their leadership;
• Developing interpersonal and stakeholder management skills;
• Designing and executing business strategy;
• Enhancing business and client management skills;
• Building resilience;
• Stepping up to a new role.

Executive clients are encouraged to identify and explore those personal or professional areas in which they wish to make changes or improvements, setting goals and agreeing on strategies for action as appropriate.

The client will often use the coach as a sounding board or confidant to work through these challenges and develop strategies. Indeed, the client will probably discuss matters that they might otherwise not feel comfortable discussing with colleagues, friends and even family members and in this respect the coaching relationship is unique. All such conversations are undertaken in confidence.

We ask clients to complete our pre-program Executive Coaching Questionnaire as a snapshot self-assessment of their personal and professional lives. This often helps them very quickly identify their strengths and areas for development. It also provides us with invaluable insights of, for example, self-defeating patterns that maybe inhibiting the client’s success in life and work.

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