Navigating Burnout

It is just over 10 years ago when I suffered from ‘burnout’.  I was open about this with my work colleagues at the time but given that my network of contacts has grown further since then, and I’ve just passed a major milestone, I thought it was an appropriate time to share my experience with my broader contacts. From feeling in control of my li ...


Guess which of his products Steve Jobs was most proud?

In the final days of Steve Jobs’ life, his biographer, Walter Isaacson seemingly visited him and asked what product he was most proud of.  ‘Was it the early Mac?’  enquired Isaacson,  ‘or perhaps the iPod, iPad or iPhone?’ If you don’t already know then Jobs’ reply may surprise you. He said that he was  ‘most proud of his team – The A ...


Russell and Thomas discuss a Growth Mindset in the context of the ICAS Leadership Coaching Programmes

In this short video we talk about the importance of adopting a Growth Mindset and explain how the ICAS Leadership Programmes can promote innovative thinking and accelerate the career growth of CAs and high performing leaders.

You can find out more about the ICAS Leadership Coaching Programmes using the following link:



Developing Awareness, a foundation for Personal Development

In working with our clients we encourage them to consider the three key foundations of personal development – Attitude, Awareness, Aptitude & Action (which we call the Triple A+ Model). To maximise development one needs to focus on all three components and how they interlink. In this short article we focus on developing Awareness, by which we me ...


Developing a Behavioural Edge in the Information Age

Knowledge is no longer power, because knowledge is everywhere – or at least knowledge is accessible everywhere. We live in a world where information is at our fingertips. All we need do is Google a question on our gizmos to find the answer. Or perhaps YouTube it to see how we should do it. Or join an online community at arm’s length to air, share an ...


Afraid that you might be a fraud?

Imagine one of these scenarios: you’ve recently returned to work after a career break and feel a little unsure about yourself or; you’ve recently been promoted to the lofty heights of an executive position and you’re trying to find your feet or; much to your surprise, you’ve secured a senior role in an entirely new organisation and you have the fee ...


Know Your Limits

When as I was younger I enjoyed building things. Lego was a favourite, with the aim of building the longest bridge or the tallest skyscraper (the latter in their final stages would require a chair and inevitably wobble with the slightest touch). Likewise in my business life I also find I enjoy building and seeing things grow, whether it’s people in ...


Growth Mindset – what it is and how it can help your career

Why does a  Growth Mindset  that thrives on challenge achieve more than a  Fixed Mindset  that strives for success? According to Professor Carol Dweck, from Stanford University, the answer lies in the focus of each of each of the differing mindsets. The Fixed Mindset wants to prove it is smart, while the Growth Mindset wants to get e ...