Team Coaching

High Performing Teams seldom (if ever) evolve randomly or arbitrarily. Once formed, they are aligned on purpose, harnessing energetic, effective communicators and problem solvers who are focussed on delivering collective results.

It follows that a high performing team starts with individuals committing to their own growth and development as well as the common purpose of the team.

Working with individuals and the team, our role is to:

• encourage focus on a common strategic purpose;
• promote collaboration and communication across the team;
• challenge and encourage individual team members to embrace a growth mindset, broaden their awareness and confront barriers or dated thinking/behaviours;
• calibrate the team’s approach against research and case studies relative to high performance and high performing teams;
• facilitate team discussion and design of a team development plan.

Individual coaching undertaken in parallel with team coaching can be highly effective as the team environment provides a context for discussion and feedback with individual team members.

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