Developing Culture Webinar Recording 15th December 2020

As part of the Learn 2 Leap programme for the Scottish Actuarial Community we faciltiated a webinar on 15th December 2020 where we explored what culture is, its inextricable link to leadership and the challenges and solutions to creating a culture that supports organisational performance.

Our panel was made of of the following experienced leaders:


Creating & Leading a High Performing Team

By Russell Borland and Thomas Chalmers A version of this article first appeared in the book ‘Legal leadership: a handbook for future success’ published by the Ark Group in 2018. What do we mean by a High Performing Team? One way of providing a structure in differentiating between a group, team and high performing team is to consider each i ...


Three ways to turn your group into a Team

Most businesses stress the importance of team working. There is a logic behind this. Projects often require a minimum level of ‘critical mass’ and no one person has all the skills that the business (and their customers) may need; indeed there is increasing evidence to suggest that a talented team with a diversity of cognitive thinking and experienc ...