Leadership Coaching

Management relates to the processes that keep an organisation functioning, such as planning, budgeting, defining roles, resourcing and measuring performance.

Leadership is very different. It is about aligning people to a future vision which requires achieving buy-in, effective communication, motivation and inspiration. Effective leaders are able to engage the hearts and minds of others. Research indicates that good leadership increases the performance of team members which translates through to increased organisational performance.

Our premise is that leadership is a set of behaviours that influences others to act in a similar fashion: the role of a leader is to create other leaders, not more followers. We further believe that anyone can enhance their leadership capability provided they have an open mindset, a willingness to learn and a commitment to apply their learning.

Our leadership coaching programmes follow the same structure as executive coaching but with a particular focus on leadership development.

We often work with aspiring leaders who have plateaued because they still place too much emphasis on their subject-matter or technical expertise. Or perhaps they have been promoted because of their expertise but lack the leadership skills to mobilise a team and take others with them.

Clients can also elect to participate in a 360 Leadership Assessment Feedback process employing the Kouzes and Posner Leadership Practices Inventory. This allows us to support clients in creating and then implementing a personalised leadership development plan.

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