Leading RelationshipsEmpowering Financial Services Leaders to Influence their Peers and Build Better Relationships in 12 weeks.

Leadership is about relationships. If you are a senior financial services leader struggling to influence and build relationships with your peers, we invite you to join our Leading Relationships program. We can help you elevate your influence and foster stronger connections with your colleagues in just 12 weeks.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

  • Program Launch in September 2024: Immerse yourself in a transformative in-person experience in central London on either Tuesday 10th or Wednesday 11th September 2024. Specific launch date and venue finalised by 31st March 2024.
  • Exclusive Group: Benefit from a close-knit, limited group of 15 participants, ensuring a personalised experience.
  • Virtual Coaching: Dive into a 12-week intensive virtual Group Coaching Program delivered via MS Teams. Specific dates and times are shown below.
  • Focused Sessions: Enjoy efficient 60-minute sessions designed to maximize your learning in minimal time.
  • Resources at Your Fingertips: Gain access to the Leading Figures Resources portal which will provide you with session slides as well as other insights and information.
  • Document Your Journey: Keep track of your progress with a Private Online Journal to capture your personal and professional insights.
  • Recommended Reading: Explore a curated reading list comprising books that can guide you in building better and deeper relationships.

The 12 virtual sessions will be facilitated over MS Teams at 4 pm BST (UK) / 11 am EDT (US) on the following dates:

  1. Wednesday 18th September
  2. Wednesday 25th September
  3. Tuesday 1st October
  4. Tuesday 8th October
  5. Tuesday 15th October
  6. Tuesday 22nd October
  7. Wednesday 30th October
  8. Tuesday 5th November
  9. Wednesday 13th November
  10. Tuesday 19th November
  11. Tuesday 26th November
  12. Tuesday 3rd December

Please note that all virtual sessions will be recorded but recordings will only be shared with program participants (so that they can catch up on any missed sessions). Confidentiality is assured and recordings will not be distributed or used for any other purposes.

Early Bird Benefits

For those who register before 31st July 2024, enjoy 2 post-program 1:1 sessions with one of the program coach facilitators.

To register your interest, please complete this short Waiting List Application Form

Your Journey to Leadership Excellence and Better Relationships
This comprehensive 12-week program covers a range of vital leadership components:

  • Mindset Mastery: Begin by learning the mindset that will help you get the most out of this program.
  • Relationship Building: We’ll initially share a simple but effective model (known as The Johari Window) to help you develop rapport and stronger connections.
  • Resolving Conflicts: You will have the opportunity to learn Transactional Analysis as a means of resolving dysfunctional relationships.
  • Effective Communication: Through a Myers-Briggs Psychoanalytical self-assessment, you will gain a better understanding of your and others’ communication preferences.
  • Proven Leadership Framework: Embrace a leadership model supported by over three decades of research: The Kouzes & Posner Framework offers 5 Key Leadership Practices that are learnable, actionable and measurable. Feedback is a gift and we will arrange the Leadership Practices Inventory 360 (known as the LPI 360) which will provide you with invaluable observations from your colleagues on your leadership behaviours and relationship-building skills.
  • Emotional Intelligence: According to the Centre for Creative Leadership, lack of emotional intelligence is the primary reason for career derailment among senior executives. In this session, we’ll explore the Five Areas of Emotional Intelligence, especially Empathy and Self-regulation.
  • Leading Others Through Change: Understand the dynamics of maintaining relationships through turbulent times so that you can take people with you when navigating change.
  • Coaching Skills: Develop a coaching toolkit to help you bring out the best in others as well as yourself.
  • Change Your Words to Change Your Working Relationships: We know that small changes can make a big difference. To close the program we’ll be focusing on the words that you might choose to enhance your leadership effectiveness and build better relationships.

Who Should Join?

This program is tailored for senior financial services leaders, including:

  • C-Suite Executives
  • Boardroom Executives and Non-Executives
  • Executive Leadership Team Members
  • Partner Team Members

To register your interest, please complete this short Waiting List Application Form

Why Choose Leading Figures?

  • Deep Experience: We have been working with senior financial services leaders on this specific issue for more than a decade.
  • Unique Focus: Traditional programs often overlook relationship building in leadership, a cornerstone of our approach.
  • Conflict-Free Cohorts: Our application process ensures you will not be in a group with peers from your organization.
  • Global Perspectives: Engage with senior executives from around the world who share similar leadership challenges.
  • Long-Lasting Connections: This program is not only a source of professional growth but also an opportunity to build lifelong relationships with fellow executives.

Your Commitment to Excellence

We expect you to fully commit to the program by:

  • Attending all sessions as far as possible and using the recordings to catch up on any sessions you miss.
  • Putting in the work between sessions because active participation maximises learning.
  • Keeping your camera on (except for any personal circumstances that may prevent you from doing so) during sessions to enhance interaction and connection with fellow participants.
  • Opening up and sharing your executive leadership and relationship challenges to ensure that we devote time to your specific issue(s) in a confidential safe space bound by The Chatham House Rule.

The Investment in Your Leadership

Program Fee: £8,000 plus VAT

Payment Options:

  • Single instalment of £9,600 including VAT paid before the first session.
  • Four equal monthly payments (after sessions 4, 6, 8 and 12) of £2,450 including VAT (£9,800 including VAT in total)

Our Guarantee

We are confident in the transformative potential of this program. However, if within the first four sessions, you feel that we are not delivering on our promise to equip you with the skills, tools, and insights to enhance your leadership and build better relationships with your peers, we offer (if you have paid in advance) a FULL, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, REFUND. Those paying in instalments will not be asked for the first payment until after session 4.

Join us at Leading Figures from September 2024 onwards to elevate your leadership, influence your peers, and build enduring relationships.

To register your interest, please complete this short Waiting List Application Form

For questions or if you would like to arrange a confidential conversation to discuss the program, please email info@leadingfigures.com One of our partners will respond to your enquiry at the earliest opportunity.

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