We are Leading Figures; a coaching and consulting firm offering Executive, Leadership and Team Coaching to the finance and professional services sectors.

Leadership is about relationships and we support leaders, aspiring leaders and teams to build better relationships with themselves and one another.

Coaching Services

We view coaching as the catalyst for accelerated success and our experience is that when clients are committed to their development, the coaching relationship is a powerful dynamic for transformational and sustainable change.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a confidential and personalised approach for individuals often in senior leadership positions.

Leadership Coaching

We help established leaders strengthen their leadership capability and resilience and support the development of future leaders.

Team Coaching

We work with groups who recognise that their collective output could be greater if they work more effectively as a team.

News & Events

Welcome to our new website. As well as refreshing the design of the website, we’ve made it more accessible by, for example, making it easier to find articles in the Insights Page. It’s also been updated to reflect the increasing range of client services we offer such as the Prophet Team tool and our organisation consulting services. The website will also support client portals which will be launched soon.

Our Clients