Developing Culture Webinar Recording 15th December 2020

As part of the Learn 2 Leap programme for the Scottish Actuarial Community we faciltiated a webinar on 15th December 2020 where we explored what culture is, its inextricable link to leadership and the challenges and solutions to creating a culture that supports organisational performance.

Our panel was made of of the following experienced leaders:


The Role of Communication in Change

We all know that communication plays a vital role in effecting change. But why is this? Research undertaken in the USA (Wilson & Gilbert 2005) provides some insight. People are generally competent at telling whether a future event will be pleasant or unpleasant. But how accurate are we in predicting how happy or unhappy we might be? The research ...


How smaller fund managers can develop a competitive edge

All fund management houses seeking to grow their business face the challenge of growing in an increasingly competitive market. In the late 1980s UK names such as Mercury Asset Management, Morgan Grenfell and Phillips & Drew managed a significant proportion of UK fund assets – few will recognise such names now. Nowadays US and European organisat ...