Thank you for expressing an interest in the LEARN 2 LEAP programme.  Here you will find further information on the programme together with registration details.


The programme will cover the mindset, leadership and relationship skills that will help actuaries leverage their technical skills in an ever-changing environment, summarised below in relation to the LEARN framework. 

The programme consists of seven interactive virtual workshops, enabling delegates to share experiences and learn from one another, together with two webinars.  The webinars will include guest panellists from the Actuarial and other professions, bringing to life the topics covered in the programme.

The programme is open to all qualified (Fellow or Associate) members of the IFoA who are currently based in Scotland.

Delegates will have access to course information and materials via a dedicated LEARN 2 LEAP portal.


The programme is based around the following LEARN framework:

A timetable of programme themes is given as follows:

In the Reflection/Application workshops in December and June, delegates will be encouraged to consider how to apply their learning actively in their broader professional capacity.

Delegates also will be provided with a Personal Development Plan that they will be encouraged to complete on an on-going basis and to refer to in the Reflection/Application workshops.

Workshop Series Dates

To enhance interaction and engagement, the number of delegates for each workshop is limited to around 40.  As such, we will be running four series of workshops (A, B, C & D), all covering the same themes as discussed above.  The four series provide a choice of dates/times as follows:

The webinars are open to all delegates.

We will be using the Zoom platform for all workshops and webinars.

Please note that it is not possible to mix attendance between series although requests to swap a specific workshop for another will be considered.

Further information

For any further information please contact us via:


Your attendance on the programme will be funded by the IFoA Scottish Board from the Scottish Endowment Fund. As a result, we ask you to prioritise these sessions and contact us in advance of the first session if you decide you no longer wish to attend so that your place can be given to someone on the waiting list.

Please follow this link to register:


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