We are delighted to be partnering with ICAS in offering two leadership development programmes: one for Aspiring Leaders and one for Executives. 

Both provide a mix of group sessions and 1:1 coaching:

The Group Coaching Sessions offer participants:

  • time to think and reflect
  • a supportive and confidential virtual environment for personal growth
  • an opportunity to share professional challenges and aspirations
  • the reassurance that we all face similar issues and concerns
  • a chance to build bonds with an intimate network of like-minded professionals
  • collective learning and development on key leadership skills as outlined below

The interleaved 1:1 Coaching Sessions offer participants the opportunity to:

  • invest in themselves
  • develop their learning and understanding on any or all of the subjects covered in the group sessions
  • hold conversations of a very personal nature in a confidential virtual safe-space
  • take the conversation to a much deeper, professionally intimate level
  • explore personal and professional issues of a sensitive nature
  • share challenges and aspirations with a non-judgemental confidant
  • design plans and develop strategies for personal and professional success

The programme is open to delegates from all professions. Numbers in each group are limited to 12 to support effective peer discussion and learning.

Further information on the programmes can be found by following this link:


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