Marjorie Ngwenya

Associate Coach

Marjorie serves as an independent non-executive director in the financial services sector. She is also a trustee of two non-for-profit organisations active in Southern Africa. She serves as an external member of the Prudential Regulation Committee of the Bank of England.

As a leadership and life coach she demonstrates her passion for personal growth. She has spoken extensively on the topic of diversity, with an emphasis on the benefits of cognitive diversity.

She is a Past President of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and was the first ethnic minority president in the organisation’s 160 years – also its youngest.

Her prior roles include being a member of the Group Executive Committee of Liberty Group in South Africa as Chief Strategist and, prior to that, Chief Risk Officer of Old Mutual’s African Operations.

Marjorie trained as an actuary and holds a Sloan Masters of Leadership and Strategy from London Business School.