Jane Welsh

Associate Consultant

Jane has over 30 years of experience working in the investment consulting industry working with institutional clients and researching asset managers across the world and across asset classes. She has led investment teams, worked with investment committees and been a member of executive teams. Jane has experience working with diverse teams, supporting change initiatives and mentoring others. She has a particular interest in inclusion and diversity and the leadership qualities needed to create an inclusive culture in which people from different backgrounds can thrive. She has also helped professionals to develop their presentation skills through role play and feedback and led leadership development programmes for emerging talent.

Other interests include the application of positive psychology for individuals and organisations and also the power of developing self-awareness and mindfulness for personal development and learning. She has an MA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Oxford), an MBA (London Business School) and has recently earned an MSc in People and Organisational Development (Sussex). She is also a founder and director of the Diversity Project (an industry-wide initiative with the mission of creating an inclusive culture in the investment and savings industry), a trustee of the Diversity Project charity and sits on an investment committee member for a charity. Outside interests include walking (she has the ambition to walk the coast of England and Wales), family and travelling.