We are delighted to be facilitating the following seminars for members of the Law Society of Scotland in October:

Leading and Managing Meetings: 9th October 2019

Meetings, whether with clients or with colleagues, are an integral part of our professional lives. Poorly managed, they can waste valuable time and demotivate those involved.

In this session we explore best practice in leading and participating in meetings in order to maximise their output.

We will be joined for part of the session by guest speaker Vince McKeown.   Having held senior positions within the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, Scottish Council for Development and Industry and now CEO of the Citizens Advice Bureau, Airdrie, Vince will bring a unique perspective on the challenge of leading meetings towards a successful outcome.

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The Resilient Leader: 31st October 2019

Resilience is an essential quality that every leader and aspiring leader needs to develop and demonstrate.

The leader’s job is most often to drive change by inspiring others towards a common vision and dealing with the inevitable challenges along the way. This session explores the mindset and skill-set of the resilient leader in the context of change.

We then bring resilience to reality in conversation with Lorna Jack, Chief Executive, Law Society of Scotland, who will share her personal insights into how she has become the resilient leader she is today.

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Each session is eligible for 3 hours of CPD.

Author: Russell Borland